DSCF4943TWO RIVERS Motorcycle Training Ltd. is based in Kamloops, Thompson-Nicola-Okanagan, Interior British Columbia. Our season is from Feb. or March weather permitting thru to the end of Oct. We are the #1 and ONLY locally owned and operated motorcycle training school in Kamloops and have been established here for 11 years. We can offer you the knowledge and experience that our instructor has accumulated from riding in Kamloops and the Thompson-Nicola-Okanagan area since 1995 and overall 30 years of combined off road, city and highway riding. We provide radios so that our student riders can get the most out of the training program and have been doing so for 8 years.

TWO RIVERS Motorcycle Training Ltd. provides:

  • 28-hour full motorcycle training course
  • private lessons for individuals and small groups
  • we can also help those individuals who have riding experience but now want to commit to getting their class 6 license but would benefit from a lesson prior to booking their skills or road test
  • Refresher lessons – we are flexible around your personal time frame

Give us a call – 250-828-1904 or TEXT ONLY 250.318.0037


We provide theory and the opportunity to develop basic motorcycle skills training in a safe environment as well as road, highway driving skills and strategies for a safe ride.

Lessons: Motorcycle and full-face helmet.

Traffic: You can use your own bike if you prefer.


  • Motorcycle Learners License (in advance of lessons or course)
  • Full-face helmet if you have one or we will provide
  • Gloves
  • Boots above the ankles
  • Sturdy jacket
  • Long pants
  • Rain gear (basic)


  • Water
  • Snacks or a lunch

TWO RIVERS Motorcycle Training’s web site provides you with information on our services, rates and schedules which are updated regularly.

For more information contact us:



  1. I just completed my training and got my Class 6. Patrick is a very patient, well equipped trainer – I fully recommend him to anyone considering motorbike lessons. This way you get in the know from an expert in a close personalized setting.

  2. I recently took my trainning from Patrick to complete my class 6. His proffessionalism, and always calm demenour, made it a pleasure to learn. As an instructor in my own industry I found Patrcik exceptionally skilled and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone interested in becoming a skilled motorcycle rider.

    Michael Brunke

    • Yes I agree – will pass on the word – what did you get trained on? Since the course I have been putting time on my 1993 Honda Shadow. All is well. Enjoying my new gig in life with it.

  3. I passed my class 6 road test yesterday with flying colours!!! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Patrick at TWO RIVERS Motorcycle Training. He gave me the skills I need to be a responsible rider. Thought my lessons he was very accommodating in my scheduling needs as I work 2 jobs. Also Patrick came to my rescue on the day of my road test while I was having some mechanical difficulties before my test, and tried his best to ensure I would make it there on time! A very stand up guy. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to ride. Thanks again Patrick!

  4. I had a great experience taking a few lessons for my road test. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was five but decided it would be smart to take a few lessons before riding on a road. Without TWO RIVERS motorcycle lessons I would not have got my licenses as quickly as I did. He is very accommodating and I was able to book lessons weekly as my work schedule is constantly changing. I even got the few reminder text messgaes to book my next lesson and without that push I probably would have procrastinated signing up for lessons with my busy lifestyle. I was also able to use his bike for the road teat as I currently do not own a street bike. I would highly recommend taking lessons through TWO RIVERS .

  5. Two summers ago I took this course from Patrick. I have since sold the first bike I bought after training and have updated to a cruiser. The confidence and skills that I have acquired were no doubt a result of this fine school. If you are even considering riding a motorcycle, no matter how old you are, seek out Patrick. I cannot say enough good about this particular program!

  6. I am thrilled to say that I just passed my class 6 road test after taking the training course with Patrick. His knowledge, skill, experience and patience built my riding and safety skills to a comfortable level for me I appreciate his realistic and honest approach when teaching and I am very aware of my responsibilities as a new rider and the hazards that I will encounter. Safety and enjoying the ride is in knowledge, learning by your mistakes or ignorance on a motorcycle may not give you an opportunity to correct it next time. I took a few private lessons as well as the hours included in the course and I recommend the one-on-one time, as my confidence grew and I felt ready when I took the skills and the road test, both of which I passed the first time…thankfully. Take lessons before you get out there, it’s more fun riding when really do know what you’re doing.

  7. Patrick is an exceptional, thorough, patient, and the most capable instructor! I decided to take up riding late in life and in spite of a poor experience with another riding school, I learned more in one session with Patrick than in the whole course at the other place. His methodology and focus on being comfortable as well as competent on the bike is a real positive. I am telling anyone who is interested in getting their Class 6 about him and his riding school.

    • PS – Aced my Class 6 test and nailed that u-turn and owe it all to you, Patrick! 🙂

  8. Good day fellow riders and those to be: Patrick was excellent in his training and that gave me the confidence to move forward and get a Harley last spring. So happy with the new freedom of motorbiking. I am sharing the training school with others so they can join in the new leaf. Way to go Patrick!

  9. I recently finished the course and successfully got my motorcycle license thanks to the training provided by Patrick. I wanted to make sure I was going to be as safe as possible when on the road and Patrick helped give me the tools to do that. I highly recommend his course! Thanks again Patrick, I really appreciate everything you taught me!

    • Good day fellow riders! Yes I have to agree about the training course I am telling everyone I know who want to take training to see Patrick. Very good course and Patrick makes it top notch! Calm and serious with a touch of edge and fun. So glad I took the plunge and did one of my bucket list items. Gave me wings…….throttle…..

  10. I’m 53 years old and finally achieved my class 6 license with the help of TWO RIVERS motorcycle training. It’s a dream come true and now my wife and I can ride together. Training with Patrick was a ton of fun and now I can ride with the confidence that I was taught the right way. Patrick’s teaching style is calm, relaxed, and affective. If you have the drive to go for it , Patrick will help you get there. Thanks again, keep the rubber on the road and the shiny side up!


  11. Patrick was a great instructor. I have never been on a motorcycle before and if it wasn’t for this course I would not have passed my class 6 test. Patrick took the time to explain every thing and really teaches you the fundamentals involved in riding. He is very calm (I stalled the bike about 20 times in a row) and really loves what he does. Taking this course has provided me with the confidence to ride on the street and really understand how to be safe.

    Thanks for all the help!!

  12. Hi there – been enjoying my Harley and going places – also am telling folk about your good training classes there Patrick. I am sending a fellow to talk to you about the training you provide. He is interested. Cheers!

  13. I just got my license! So stoked. I owe it all to Patrick. Patrick’s not only helped me through training but also through a tragic time in my life. His patience and friendly manner was so incredible as well as his support. I passed my test with flying colours and feel like a very aware and safe rider now. I definetly recommend doing all training with him. I had private lessons for the skills test and traffic test and I think it’s the best thing I could of done for myself. Thanks so much Patrick. You were a great teacher!

    • Congratulations! Welcome to the riders on the wind – I agree with your comments about Patrick’s training style. I recommend his training school every chance I get. He was a great teacher for me too. Opened the door to freedom and throttle therapy!

  14. Just want to recommend Patrick as an excellent trainer. I had a heck of a time getting my “u turns” and Patrick patiently kept encouraging me while I tried over and over again. When the day came for the skills test I passed. No one more surprised than me.
    Don’t try to do this without an instructor, and I would highly recommend Patrick.

  15. In my previous comment 2 years ago, I posted how happy I was with the training Patrick provided. Today, I can say that I have happily been riding my new motorcycle for the past couple months and already have over 3400 km on it. Things came up when I first got my license, so I bought my bike last year in November and called Patrick to let him know. We made plans to do some refresher lessons. The end of March we met for 2 hours and did skills in the parking lot and then moved into traffic with his bike. I then went and insured my own bike, a Street 750,and we did another 2 hours. I appreciate the patience and encouragement that Patrick gives so freely. His skills and teaching ability makes the experience above average. I finished the day off feeling confident and excited. Excited is good, scared is not…knowing the reality of the dangers of riding makes a better and safer rider. I would recommend the course, and I do, to anyone who wants to take up riding. I love the freedom and it is truly a lifestyle choice. Make it a safe one.

    • Good for you – congrats!

  16. Having never ridden before I knew that lessons were my only option. I’m very glad I chose Patrick at TWO RIVERS as he’s incredibly suited for the job with his experience and patient demeanour. The choice of bikes he had to learn on were great for a beginner. I was planning on and did buy a dual sport bike so it was great that he had one to train on to confirm my choice of bikes. Riding the cruisers and even the crotch rocket gave me an appreciation for other types of motorbikes that I may not have had. I would absolutely recommend Patrick to anyone who’s just learning to ride or needs a few refresher courses! Happy riding everyone.

    • Congrats

  17. I avoided the months-long line ups for Vancouver testing and booked in Kamloops. I was lucky to find TWO RIVERS Training and took a couple WORTHWHILE lessons, which had me passing the tests without difficulty. I recommend this company to everyone I know, it was worth the trip from Vancouver, and well worth the money. I was impressed to be able to rent your bike for the lesson AND the test! I feel much more aware and confident after this experience. Thanks Patrick!!
    -Shawn L.

  18. I was very pleased with the training from TWO RIVERS, small class sizes gives one on one attention when required, the ability for the instructor to communicate with students while riding was great. Thanks Patrick

  19. Well I’ve just parked my bike from my second season of riding since taking the TWO RIVERS riding course. I put on 6000 kms this summer and had a ball. Riding has changed my life and opened up a whole new world for me.
    Thanks again for teaching me the skills and giving me the confidence to ride safely,it has changed my life!! Rob H.

  20. Thanks for all your calm expert training Patrick…..you instilled confidence, so even though I was still nervous….the training prevailed.

    I recently completed my riding lessons from Patrick from Two Rivers motorcycle training. It was the best thing I’ve done for a long time.
    After raising a family, working etc., I decided it was time to get my bike license.
    Having been a rider from another province, I had let my license expire when coming to BC. I looked up Patrick, read the reviews, and decided this is the guy to train me.
    After meeting, I decided for private lessons. He is very accommodating. He has bikes you can learn on from any style you like. Cruisers, dirt bikes, “crotch rockets”. They are all small CC engines and are very easy to handle. Also being self employed with no exact work schedule, he is very accommodating to fit your time line.
    To make a long story short, I was able to learn a lot from Patrick. It was money well spent. He taught me a lot about the road rules, what to look for, and how to ride safe. I don’t think I would have passed the skills test or the road test without his help.Actually I know I would not have.
    So if you want to learn to ride, or want to learn to ride again, Patrick is the guy to see. He is very patient, understanding and wants you on a bike. He knows his stuff and will help you every step of the way.
    After I passed all the tests first try, I have purchased a bike and in the first month rode over 2000km. I love it.
    So get out there and learn how to ride. Patrick is your guy to show you!!!


    Paul Freitag. Nov. 2017.

  22. As someone who came to the school with precisely 0 background experience riding bikes, Patrick showed his true colours with his patience and expertise. I never expected to grasp the concepts as quickly as I did, and I was never made to feel incompetent or slow to progress. I literally dropped the bike at least 5 times and he would just help me pick it up and then give me a tip as to what I did wrong.

    I would suggest this school for anyone looking to ride, as I was constantly learning things that I never would have thought of had they not been pointed out during our rides.

  23. Another happy student! I learned from Patrick in the fall of 2017, and completed my Road Test in the Spring 2018 – with success! (winter created a pause) But because of the great instruction provided, all of the tips and tricks came right back after a quick refresher ride! Patrick is knowledgeable, patient, and goes the extra mile – even answered my questions via text when I was bike shopping! Would recommend anyone to take lessons to be the safest rider on the road – I feel really confident on my CBR because of the great training provided by Patrick! Thanks 🙂

  24. Patrick is AMAZING!!! I had never even so much as been on an type of motorized bike ever and Patrick got me through my skills and road tests with confidence! He has the patience of a saint and the most calming demeanour! I HIGHLY recommend Patrick for any motorcycle training or upgrading you might need!

  25. I would reccomend two rivers training with Patrick to any new rider, I had a long background with dirt bikes and thought I was a pretty skilled rider until I tried a street bike and realized I barely knew the basics. Learning to ride a street bike was a huge learning curve for me and I almost quit a few times but Patrick’s never ending patience and expert teaching skills eventually had me confident enough to pass both the skills test and road test . Only a short time after lessons I ride my own 1600 cc bike with confidence and skill .I can’t thank Patrick enough for getting me through the hard stuff, and would highly recommend his training to anyone just starting out or needing a bit of help riding in traffic.
    Lisa Spink

  26. I began my journey to learn how to ride a motorcycle terrified of even sitting on a bike. I had always been a passenger and that fear had always kept me from trying. My husband really wanted me to try it since his dream was for us to ride together so I went to Patrick. He was patient, informative and calm. He addressed all my fears and showed me step by step how to ride safely. I walked into this with zero previous riding abilities so that was a challenge in itself. I am so impressed with Patrick. Throughout the course I became confident and even excited to get out riding! I passed all my exams easily with his guidance and would recommend him to anyone! And upon completion I easy got on and rode my own 1200xl sportster with no fears! And even his teaching helped me be aware, and safe during my driving test when a cab ran a red light and would have hit me. Patrick kept in touch with me, and I know if I had any questions he’d be just a text away!!! If hes still teaching when my son turns 16, that’s who I’m sending him to! Amazing teacher and someone I would recommend with high regards!

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